Modern Accordion Perspectives is an initiative promoted by an open expert panel of the most renowned accordionists, professors at Universities and Academies, composers, young progressive musicians and advanced students whose aim is to develop and spread the culture of the classical contemporary accordion.

In 2013, a large group of musicians coordinated by the italian accordionist Claudio Jacomucci has cooperated in writing a series of articles and interviews on various issues about the current situation of the classical accordion, providing an overview of professional and artistic perspectives, highlighting the strategies of emancipation of young musicians in the "real" world of music and calling into question the role of competitions, accordion festivals and organizations. The book “Modern Accordion Perspectives” was presented at the international meeting "Scenarios and Strategies for the Future of the Accordion" which took place in Castelfidardo (Italy) in September 2013.

The atmosphere of cooperation established among the members of the panel, solely inspired by the topics and by the high professionalism, has outlined important initiatives that were carried out with the publication of three more books:

“Critical Selection of Accordion Works, composed between 1990 and 2010” (2014)

“An International Overview of Accordion Pedagogy” (2017)

“Expert Musicianship” (2018)

This website contains information, resources and links about classical contemporary accordion’s literature, performers, composers, pedagogics, premiere’s agenda, publications of MAP‘s initiatives and a open “magazine” with articles written by its contributors, which may be helpful to all composers, students, teachers and performers.

What it is about

International Meeting in Castelfidardo, September 2013

Iñaki Alberdi [Spain, Musikene Higher School of Music, San Sebastian] 

Klaudiusz Baran [Poland, Fryderyk Chopin University, Warsaw] 

Xiaoqing Cao [China, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing] 

Pascal Contet [France, Académie Supérieure de Musique, Strasburg]

Geir Draugsvoll [Denmark, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen] 

Paulo Jorge Ferreira [Portugal, Applied Arts Superior School, Castelo Branco]

Maciej Frackiewicz [Poland]

Gorka Hermosa [Spain, Conservatory of Santander]

Claudio Jacomucci [Italy, Conservatory of Pescara/Italian Accordion Academy]

Rasmus Kjoller [Denmark, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen]

Bjarke Mogensen [Denmark, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen] 

Paolo Picchio [Italy, Art Director of Castelfidardo’s competition] 

Luca Piovesan [Italy] 

Massimiliano Pitocco [Italy, Conservatory of Rome] 

Raimondas Sviackevicius [Lithuania, Academy of Music, Vilnius]